Wednesday, May 21, 2008

In Case I Have Confused You...

The Boy - Youngest spawn of MM and MD. Five years old. Likes: Star Wars, pizza, running. Favorite parent = me. More about the The Boy's wondrousness can be read here.

The Evil Twins (aka The Girls)- My miserable excuse for what the kids call "a rack" or what I try to instill respectfully in my son as "breasts".

The Girl = My older child (7 years). Smart, funny, a little bit weird. Reads like a fiend with a flashlight. Likes me OK, but the Electra complex is in full, awkward bloom. More about her here.

MD - aka Manager Dad, My beloved spouse. All sarcasm aside, he is the world's greatest husband and parent. I try to leave him alone as much as possible in my posts, because I don't want him or his family to hate me. Although it might be too late, given that I recently came out online as a Republican.

The MomFather = My dad. Retired lifelong CPA, closet Democrat. Living in Florida with WAY too much time on his hands. Learn about his political leanings by clicking here.

The FC - Fairfield County, generally one of the WASPiest enclaves anywhere on the East Coast. But if Orange County can try to rechristen itself to be edgy, so can we. Where's OUR TV show, ghost of Aaron Spelling?

Stamford/the STM/the 203: - This is where we roll. My hood. My peeps. Where the magic happens.